How to take care of your jewellery?

How to take care of your jewellery?

Jewellery is a delicate product that requires appropriate use. Therefore, it must be taken appropriate care of so that it does not lose its original qualities.

Store your jewellery in a suitable box

When you purchase MAAR jewellery, you will receive a jewellery storage box from us. This packaging provides effective protection against light and moisture. Alternatively, you can store your jewellery in a jewel case designed for this purpose. It is important not to store it loose, especially in the bathroom, near the sink, where it can easily come into contact with water and detergents.

Do not keep different types of jewellery together. A stone can scratch another stone or silver, which is a soft metal. Particularly when travelling, remember not to put all pieces of jewellery into one bag or make-up bag.

Do not expose jewellery to different substances

It is very important that products do not come into contact with different substances, for example perfumes or cosmetics (creams, oils, etc.). The jewellery can change colour as a result of contact with them. You should also not bathe, play sports or wash your hands while wearing jewellery. Moreover, you should also remove your jewellery for household chores so that it does not come into contact with chemicals.

Remember that silver can darken

Silver reacts with sulphur compounds from the air (among others). It can also darken due to the pH of the skin. This is a completely natural phenomenon. To restore the shine to your silver you should wipe it with a suitable jewellery cleaning cloth (order it e.g. here) or use liquids designed for cleaning silver jewellery.

Keep your jewellery clean

If you notice that a stone has lost its shine, check if a layer of dirt has not collected underneath it. You can clean it with a gentle toothbrush, water and soap. Also use a special cloth or a jewellery cleaning agent. Remember not to rub your gold-plated jewellery too hard with the cloth, as this will cause the gold layer to come off more quickly. We can refresh your jewellery by cleaning it professionally. If you wish to order such a service, please email us at

The gold plating can come off over time.

Our jewellery is plated in a specialised laboratory with a thick, two-micron layer of 24-carat gold. Nonetheless, over time, gold-plated pieces may lose their original, intense colour upon intensive use.
This is the natural course of things. If you do not want your products to change their colour, we can custom-make them in 14-carat gold. To order gold jewellery, e-mail us at

Be careful with the stones

The stones we use in MAAR designs are natural and therefore may have inclusions and internal cracks. This is completely normal. Under the influence of certain substances (e.g. chlorinated swimming pool water) they can tarnish, so they need appropriate care.

Should you have any questions, please e-mail us at


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